Modern Cambridge garden

A contemporary outdoor living space

This design creates a well-balanced, naturalistic and beautifully detailed garden that offers space for family and friends to relax together.

A simple linear arrangement in the garden design complements the surrounding modern architecture of the Accordia development in Cambridge, winner of the prestigious RIBA Stirling Prize for architecture.

The introduction of multi-stem and pleached crab apple trees, along with naturalistic perennial planting, softens the built elements to create an inviting green space. 



The hard landscape materials are carefully selected to integrate seamlessly with the architecture. At the same time, the choice of natural stone gives the garden a subtly distinct identity and feel.  

Bespoke large format sandstone paving creates a generous seating area and 'floating' stepped entrance threshold.

A textural variation is achieved through the use of complementary gravel for other pathways.



beautiful garden design complementing award-winning modern architecture 



The same species of crab apple tree, Malus toringo, is used in multi-stem and pleached forms to create a sense of simplicity and harmony. The trees offer privacy and screening. In spring, the trees will also put on a spectacular display of white blossom, with beautiful autumn colours to follow later in the year.  

The naturalistic planting of ornamental grasses and perennials adds to the relaxed feel. A small area of lawn alongside the seating area offers practicality for family use and entertaining. 



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